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  • Skills to Build While in Quarantine

    April 14, 2020 by

    During quarantine, many of us are going through a whirlwind of emotions, including boredom and the loss of purpose. For those that are laid off, feeling stagnant due to current work from home conditions, and those that were forced to leave their jobs due to unsafe work environments, now is the best time to take… Read more

  • Staying Productive During Quarantine

    April 13, 2020 by

    I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a bit of a rough time staying productive. I know I should allow myself time to relax and do things that keep my calm, but I also know that part of some of my anxiety are all the things that are piling up that I want… Read more

  • Practical Quarantine Self-Care

    April 6, 2020 by

    These are unprecedented times. This is a phrase I’ve not only used multiple times, but have heard everywhere. Many of us have never gone through such an intensely scary and unsure time as this, and we may never again. But right now, so many of us need help trying to navigate stay at home and… Read more

  • Beat Procrastination With These 5 Tips

    November 18, 2019 by

    Some articles will state that only about 20 percent of the US population procrastinates. But let’s be real, it has to be larger than that.In a day and age of instant gratification and constant mind numbing entertainment, it would be shocking to imagine that only 1/5th of the US procrastinates.  While not everyone will procrastinate… Read more

  • What is Impostor Syndrome?

    June 16, 2020 by

    Impostor syndrome is the feeling that something you have earned or achieved is more a fluke, by chance or pure luck rather than skill and hard work. You’ve likely experienced this feeling before. For many it will happen in a new job, entering college or within personal relationships. I know I’ve experienced the feeling of… Read more

  • What Can We Learn From Catherine the Great?

    June 10, 2020 by

    In the last few years, Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, has become a popular historical figure with the 2019 miniseries Catherine the Great as well as the 2020 Hulu series The Great. I recently watched The Great, which is a satirical retelling of the rise of Catherine the Great. Soon after I started, I… Read more

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